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              锋桦传动设备(上海)有限公司,由专业制造齿轮工厂开始发展,工厂同仁及研发团队具有二十几年齿轮制造研发及设计经验,工厂早期和台湾行星减速器技术团队合作,成立行星减速 器事业部,合作研发行星齿轮减速机系列产品线的设计及制造工艺,所生产的系列伺服专用精密减速器具低背隙(5-8arcmin)、低噪音(60dAB)、高效率(≧95%)三大特性。产品可以搭配任意伺服工厂所生产伺服马达、步进马达。高精密行星减速器具有降低转速、高转矩化、增加马达转子惯性,提高刚性、缩短启动与停止定位时间,马达功率小型化,同时提高 惯性负载的安定性与降低振动的功能。
              为提升产品升级、调节高精度等级产品适用范畴,工厂后期产品优化升级,全系列上线-高精度斜齿行星减速器,具有超低背隙(1~3arcmin)精度等级,新开发产品可直接替 换德国和日本品牌,产品系列全部齐全,尺寸及精度和日系德系减速器完全匹配,在升级行星减速器产品同时,工厂坚持以研发创新为企业发展方向,陆续研发推出适用于自动化不同 安装和输出需求的(90度精密直角减速器)、多关节机器人行业减速器(RV高精密摆线针轮减速器)、美国天才发明家C.W.Musser创造发明的波动齿轮装置原理发明(谐波减速器)及 (精密齿轮齿条)产品,也可以非标定制减速器。产品广泛运用工具机(龙门机床)、激光切割机、木工雕刻机、3C自动化、光伏设备、锂电池等新能源设备领域,全伺服纸巾机械, 精度凹凸版印刷机,精密涂布机,伺服弯管机,数控弹簧机等自动化程度较高设备等都有锋桦减速器的使用。
              工厂产品有匹配大量产品库存,希望协同伺服电机厂家及系统集成商,扎根全球市场,立志通过优良的产品,服务于全球自动化行业和机器人领域,为全球机器人事业和工业 4.0方向服务。

        Fenghua Transmission Technology Co.,Ltd. is developed from a factory which professionally manufactures the gears. All staffs of factory and R & D team have more than 20 years’ gear manufacturing and designing experience. The factory cooperated with Taiwan planetary gearbox technology team in the early period, and then established business department of the planetary gearbox , and developed the design and manufacturing process of product line of planetary gearbox series. The servo exclusive-used precision gearbox series the company produced are with three features of low backlash (5~8 arcmin), low noise (60dAB) and high efficiency (95%). Products can be compatible with servo motors and stepper motors produced by any servo factory. High precision planetary reducers features of reducing rotating speed, increasing torque greatly, increasing inertia of the motor rotor, improving rigidity, shortening the locating time of start and stop, miniaturizing the motor power and improving the stability of the inertia load and reducing the vibration at the same time.

        In order to upgrade products, and adapt to the applicable range of high precision grade products, the factory launched the whole series of high precision helical planetary gearbox in late stage. With ultra-low backlash (1-3 arcmin) precision grade, the newly developed products can directly replace the sizes of the products produced by Germany and Japan. All product series are completed, and sizes and precision can perfectly match with that of Japanese and Germany. While upgrading planetary reducer products, the factory insists on the concept of R&D as the development direction of the company. Then the factory successively developed and launched 90 degree precision right angle gearboxes which are suitable for automation with different installation and output requirements , multi-joint robot industry reducers (RV high precision pin-wheel reducers), and harmonic reducers making use of the principle of the wave gear device invented by American genius inventor C. W. Musser, and precision gear & rack products. The factory can also customize the reducer. The products are widely used in tool machines (Planning Machine Tools), laser cutting machines, woodworking engraving machines, 3C automation, photovoltaic equipment, lithium battery and other fields of new energy equipment. And Fenghua gearboxes can also be found in fully servo paper towel machines, precision concave-convex printing machines, precision coating machines, servo pipe benders, CNC spring machines and other highly automated equipment.     





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